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We have assembled value service packages to meet the most popular business requirements. If you require a little more or a little less, we are happy to work with you to tailor a package that meets your specific needs.

Menu Design Services

  • Bronze Service
  • Silver Service
  • Gold Service

Value Packages: Design, Print and Promote

  • Empowered Grand Opening Value Package
  • Empowered Optimizer Value Package

Menu Design Packages BRONZE SILVER GOLD
Menu Design (up to 4 pages)  
Basic Menu Layout (1 version)
Stock Imagery (up to 2 per page)
Menu Design (up to 8 pages)  
Optimal Menu Layout  
Logo Design  
Branding and Copy  
Up to 2 Menu Versions (multi-site or lunch/dinner)  
*Data integration and automation    
*Online account for on-demand edits    
Half-day of consulting per month    
*Menu Performance Reviews (2 per year)    
*Pricing Strategies    
*Up to 10 Menu Versions    
Marketing support (flyers; postcards; menu inserts; banners; email campaigns)
Additional Menu pages, images, and/or versions
Direct Mail Campaign (Personalized direct mail postcards using the latest in print and web technologies (pURLs) and campaign measurement systems.)
Consulting Time

*Requires qualified data feed

Empowered Grand Opening Value Pack

With so many decisions and challenges to work through during a new restaurant opening, menu and promotional material are often left to the end of the process. Transferring some of the busy work to the experts at Empowered Menu will free up your time to address your big issues without compromising on the quality of your critical messaging to your new customers.

Our Grand Opening Value Package includes both menu design and promotional printing to get you started off right.

  • Logo
    • Choose from 3 custom logo designs

  • Branding
    • Prepare branded menu item naming and descriptions.

  • Menu Design and Layout
    • Choose from 3 menu design options
    • Up to 4 pages, 2 images per page

  • Customized outdoor banner

  • POS Material
    • Tent cards
    • Posters

  • Direct Mail Campaign
    • Personalized direct mail postcards using the latest in print and web technologies (pURLs) and campaign measurement systems.

Have something else in mind? Talk to us about tailoring a package to meet your specific needs.

Empowered Optimizer

So you’ve been open for a while and are ready to leverage your experience and take your menu to the next level. You know your menu well enough but need an easy tool to easily make intelligent changes to offerings and prices with support from the experts. It is now clear that a static menu isn’t going to cut it for the long term.

Our Optimizer Value Package converts your menu onto an online web-portal and provides a secure account for easy updates that can be accessed through the Internet. This service also includes collaboration with our experts to improve the performance of your menu and marketing communications. Once online, our integrated features make it simple to prepare complimentary promotional materials. The following services are based on a 12-month engagement.

  • Optimize menu layout based on content provided by client.
  • Prepare multiple Menu Versions (eg. Lunch/ Dinner, Tier I vs. Tier II)
  • Generate print-ready files.
  • Print and deliver menus to site location(s) .
  • * Online account for on-demand edits
  • * Data integration and automation
  • *Menu Performance Reviews (2 per year)
  • *Pricing Strategies
  • Up to 3 promotional marketing campaigns to include direct mail, menu inserts, table top cards, posters and banners.
  • Half-day of consulting per month

  • *Shipping costs are extra
    *Requires qualified data feed


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