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Why Empowered Menu?

Significantly higher ROI and flexibility

The best price increase is the one that is transparent to your customers. When it comes to optimizing revenue, frequent, incremental increases are more efficient than larger annual changes. Is your printing process limiting your speed to market and compromising returns?

With Empowered Menu you can adapt to changes in real time and offer value added services through up-to-the-date menus. The value-add through targeted pricing and personalization offers you significantly higher ROI and flexibility in the long term.

With no additional hardware required, minimal training and the ability to leverage your existing data assets, Empowered Menu is a low impact investment to maintain that competitive edge.

Compress Cycle Time

Say goodbye to current menu preparation processes that take up to 8-weeks from price-ready content to physical menu availability. By avoiding the printer bottleneck, Empowered Menu helps you effect a quick turn-around for one select store or group of stores, giving you total control on how you respond to sudden changes in market conditions.

Hasten your ability to react to new developments. If something on the menu isn’t working, now you can correct it immediately.

Freedom from complexity

All stores are not created equally so why should their menus be the same? Overcome the daunting challenge of managing multiple versions of similar menus while avoiding your printer limitations that dictate your menu release cycle. Leverage market-level and store-level intelligence to price accordingly for maximum returns in a timely manner. Store-specific pricing for lunch, dinner and late-night - why not?

Gain control of operations

Now you can gain control of menu procuring at every level you desire - the local, regional, tier and national levels. Empowered Menu is an enabling tool that brings the CMO and CFO together, allowing for strategic pricing based on market conditions. This is an innovative, measurable way to increase ROI.

Empowered Menu is also good news for restaurant managers and owners looking for the ability to easily add distinguishing, localized content relevant to their customer base - a key advantage to overcome the challenge posed by non-chain restaurants in their marketing area. Additionally, multi-lingual content can appease cultural concentrations that otherwise can’t be serviced cost-effectively by typical mass-produced menus. Empowered Menu enables head office to manage the degree of creative freedom they wish to delegate to regional operators and franchisors.

Customize, optimize layout

Which sequence should menu items appear and which items should be highlighted to optimize profitability? Our in-house expertise can help guide you through these decisions to get the most out of your investment. Imagine the time savings and revenue opportunities of having these selections automated to align with each pricing strategy in your system!

Stay on top of emerging technology

The ease and speed of the digital platform can facilitate newer interactive media content. You can leverage social media and incorporate it into existing initiatives such as loyalty programs and targeted promotions.

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